Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep your AC running efficiently with a regular servicing contract.
Whatever size or make your air conditioner is it’s essential that you have it regularly serviced to keep it running to its optimum performance. Cold Temp have a team of engineers who are fully trained to come out to you and perform essential maintenance procedures on your AC unit. They carry all the necessary equipment and a great range of spare parts. We can also set you up with a regular servicing contract so you know we’ll be there and you don’t have to worry or remember.
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Our air conditioning maintenance & servicing includes:
  • Replacement or cleaning of filters – whichever is necessary
  • Cleaning or replacement of air conditioner coils
  • Checking coil fins are not bent and are in good working condition
  • Making sure drainage channels are free of debris
  • Checking window seals
  • Covering of outdoor units ready for winter
  • Check thermostat
  • Measure airflow